"During the past two decades of knowing and working with Mr. Roberts, and now his firm Valancourt International, I have found them to be leaders in the field of airport wayfinding. They continuously demonstrate their resourcefulness and respect for client business and customer service objectives and have been a vital part of our wayfinding efforts at ATL and MIA. I unequivocally endorse Mr. Roberts and Valancourt, for their comprehensive expertise and ability to meet schedule and budget.”


Ms. Angela Gittens

Director General (Former)

Airports Council International (ACI World)

"Passenger Wayfinding Signage is a very important aspect of a major Capital Improvement Program like ours and Valancourt [International] has provided excellent signage design services on all key projects. Their work has been recognized by our management and airport stakeholders as one of the best. They are innovative and have the right airport signage experience and expertise. They truly understand airport wayfinding methodologies and their application to efficiently, safely and effectively move passengers to their destinations.”


Jorge Cortes, AIA, NCARB

Assistant Director of Architecture

Department of Aviation, Planning & Development

Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport




“Customer service, convenience and efficiency are very critical to the objectives of IAA, and Valancourt has provided an exceptional level of service as it relates to way finding. Their work has been timely and professional to meet these objectives. Valancourt has proven to be an excellent partner with IAA. Valancourt has been exemplary in the delivery of products, professionalism and providing IAA valuable expertise and I recommend them to be considered for any way finding and signage services.”


Ms. Shannetta Griffin, PE

Chief Development Officer

Columbus Regional Airport Authority 




“In my tenure as Deputy Aviation Director of Miami-Dade Aviation Department (MDAD), I had the pleasure of working directly with David P. Roberts (Managing Principal of Valancourt). During that time period (2002 – 2005), in his role as Project Manager / Design Lead, Mr. Roberts worked on numerous wayfinding projects for Miami International Airport (MIA). Some of the most notable projects were, but not limited to Airport Wayfinding / Signage Master Plan, Airport-Wide Signage Standards and Guidelines, North Terminal Signage Design and South Terminal Signage Design…….Their [David Roberts and Valancourt International] ability to be collaborative with the multiple disciplines necessary to effectively implement wayfinding programs has been demonstrated repeatedly. My recommendation is without qualification and equivocation.”


Mr. Steven C. Baker

Deputy Vice President

Concessions and Customer Development

Metropolitan Washington Airport Authority 

Atlanta, GA (Headquarters)

800 Battery Avenue SE

Suite 100

Atlanta, Georgia, USA 30339

T: (404) 254-6372 

F: (404) 254-6383


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